Metal Stud Ceiling Framing In 2022 (What It Is & How It’s Works!)

Metal stud céiling framing is more of a professional work. If you are converting or choosing a metal stud céiling,  it’s a wise choice. However, it can seem difficult because of all the what to do and what not .It’s obvious because you’re no craftsman.

Fortunately, we’re here for you. If you just follow our step-by-step guide, by the end of it you’ll know everything that you are looking for today.

Because we promise to get you ready for your metal stud céiling and the framing. Why you should choose it, what you need, how you would do it, and everything.

Without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Why Metal Stud Ceiling Framing?

If you’re thinking of the metal stud céiling, it’s an excellent option. It’s a cheap and effective flat céiling. They are lighter in weight, perfectly straight and also they have a good resistance over time.

However, if you have a shingle roof, you should consider shingle to metal roof transition. Because it’s more durable than shingles and you’ll get a variety of styles to choose from.

What Do You Need?

To get started, you’ll need some essential materials and tools. Let’s start with the tools.


You’ll need tools to organize all the materials. Here’re the essentials.

Note: The laser level can be expensive for you if you’re not a carpenter. If you don’t need it on a regular basis you should avoid buying one. Rather, you can hire one for your work.

Now, moving on to the materials.


Let me tell you something.

Your materials are the most important. You surely don’t want to purchase the wrong materials or materials which don’t have longevity.

Because you don’t want your céiling to fall on you because metals are heavy. They might be lightweight for you if you are the Hulk. So, make sure to collect the best.

After collecting all these, you should start the installation process when you are ready.

Metal Stud Ceiling Framing Installation Process

Here’s the thing. We simplified the 8 step-by-step installation into two simple parts for you. First, you must install the metal track. Then, you’ll do the metal stud céiling framing. Simple.

Now, let’s get going.

Part 1: Installing the Metal Track

You see, the metal track will set your céiling framing perfectly. You need to follow some steps to install it perfectly. Here are those.

Step 1: Set A Straight Level Line

First thing’s first. You need to set a straight level line around the room. For that, you need to fix the specific height where you want to install the metal stud céiling frame.

Here’s the thing. There are different ways to do this. However, you should select the one which is convenient for you.

One way is that you can use a laser level. You’ll just need to set the laser straight and you can then mark the contour line of the room. You want to know the best part? They deliver the highest accuracy. That’s why they are the best.

You see, it is more reliable than any other. But as this is costly, you can still hire one laser level and finish your work.

On the other hand, you can use a water level or spirit level. You can mark around the corners of the room. Then, you’ll have to use a caulk line to draw the lines around the céiling that will later guide you.

Only downside of this is that it takes more of your time than the other. But you see, spirit levels are equally effective as laser levels. Moreover, you’ll find them at a low cost.

Whichever you use, you just have to make sure that the contour line is leveled. That’s it.

Step 2: Install the First Metal Track

After you have set the level, now you must install the first metal track. Now, you have to drill holes through the metal track in the supporting wall made of bricks.

Remember, you should always start with the longest wall of the room. The reason is that metal tracks will be easier for you to install later on all the other walls.

Then, you must lock the metal track with screws. If you have a timber frame, it’s possible to screw the metal track directly into the studs, without pilot holes.

Also, you must make sure that you are installing it perfectly straight. Otherwise, you’ll have a curved céiling and it wouldn’t be strong.

Step 3: Continue Installing the Track

Now, you’ll have to continue installing the metal track around all the other walls, using the same technique. However, make sure that the metal track is fixed in screws every 15”/40 cm.

You see, it’s a must to secure the metal tracks firmly in the walls. Because it’ll support the metal studs. However, you’ll have to use one and a half-inch screws for concrete walls. If you have a wood wall, you need to use one-inch wood screws.

Also, you might notice small gaps between the metals and the wall. Well, you shouldn’t be worried unless the gaps are relatively large. Like over half an inch.

If so, you should straighten the wall first. Always make sure you are choosing only the best pieces of metal track that you can get.

Step 4: Complete the Frame

Here’s the next step. You have to complete the frame on the longest walls of the room. To do that, you will have to fix the rest of the metal track.

Also, you might have to adjust the length of the metal studs. Now, it’s time to use a measuring tape and tin snips to make a cut.

Make sure that you have the cut as precise as possible. Also, make sure that the edges are straight.

Step 5: Look Out for the Corner Joints

After installing all of the tracks, you’ll notice that the corners have created L joints. However, make sure that the corners have the perfect L joints. Also, you must test to see if the joints are perfectly fit with the wall.

Part 2: Finishing the Metal Stud Ceiling Framing

Now, if the metal tracks are perfectly done, let’s move on to our céiling. Moving on with the steps that you’ll need to follow.

Step 6: Install the Central Stud

First, you must install the central stud. However, you’ll need to cut the metal studs. While doing that, make sure that they fit easily in the channel.

After you are done inserting the metal studs inside the channels, fasten then to the metal tracks with screws. Also, you can install any isolation before framing the metal studs.

Step 7: Install the Layers of Metal

Turns out you have to install two layers of metal studs. One will go in the metal tracks and the other one will go above them. You’ll have to do this for all of the studs.

Remember, when you’re cutting the metal studs, you must make sure that they’ll fit in the channel and you won’t need any force.

After you insert the metal studs in the channels, you’ll have to fasten them to the metal tracks with screws. In addition, you should install your isolation before framing the metal studs.

Also, you have to make sure to drive in screws to make the metal stud frame strong. Moreover, when you’re using the ladder, please make sure you are safe on it. It’s better if you have anyone there to help you.

Step 8: Secure the Metal Frame

Finally, you have to use metal brackets to secure the whole metal frame. You must screw them to the woods studs or in the céiling structure first.

Then, you’ll have to straighten the flanges of the bracket. Now, you must secure them with screws to the metal studs.

Now, there might be a problem you are not aware of.

You should check to see if the bracket is too long or not. Don’t worry if you find it long. You’ll just have to cut the excess part with the tin snips.

We assure you if you fix the stud frames with brackets, you won’t have any issue with your drywall in the long run.

Now, the metal stud céiling framing is done. Make sure you have placed everything perfectly. Also, make sure that your drywall is ready to get into action.

After all these, you can use some silicone adhesive and put your céiling on top. It’ll keep your céiling in place.

Also, you can use something extra to your metals which will keep them free from rust. It’s like going an extra mile for the durability of your céiling. The best way to do this is by using a  Quality Silicone Adhesive or a nice Silicone Spray.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should know all the things you need to know for your metal stud ceiling framing. We assure you if you followed our guidance, you have nothing to worry about your ceiling.

Also, you should get professional help if you can. After all, your céiling will be in perfect hands if you call a professional.

Don’t forget to use your safety instruments. Because you don’t want to cause any harm to yourself.