Can You Leave Paint In Sprayer Overnight In 2022? Expert’s Opinions!

We get it, you don’t want to clean that leftover paint in the paint sprayer. Or perhaps you’re going to use this paint the following day. Will something happen if you store the paint inside the sprayer?

Well, if you leave paint in the sprayer overnight, it can cause a bit of a problem. Normally, the manufacturers don’t recommend doing anything like this.

So, can you leave paint in sprayer overnight?

Even we don’t recommend you do something like this. But why you may ask?

Well, leaving paint overnight can cause the paint to get cured inside the sprayer. As a result, it takes time and money to get that leftover paint out.

Can You Leave Paint in Sprayer Overnight

As a matter of fact, other problems may arise from this phenomenon as well. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve covered everything related to this topic in this article. Moreover, we’ve even given you a bit of an idea on how you can clean your sprayer.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Problems Of Leaving Paint in The Sprayer Overnight

By now, you’ll know that it isn’t ideal to leave paint overnight. But wait, what kind of problems can happen due to this?

Well, the paint dries up quicker than other substances. This cured up paint inside the sprayer is difficult to get out. As a result, the process of getting this paint out will be time-consuming and expensive too.

That being said, there are other problems that might occur from this. So, let’s take a look at them:

1. Drying Of The Paint

Yes, you heard me right. The paint can dry in the pipes and lines of the sprayer. And if there are paints all around the lines and pipes of a sprayer, it won’t work properly.

But, how does the paint dry inside the sprayer?

Well, mainly temperature and pressure contribute to the drying of the paint. If you put the sprayer in a warm environment, it’ll dry the paint really quickly. Moreover, if you put the sprayer in an environment that has high pressure, it’ll dry up the pain too.

So yes, the drying up of the paint causes a lot of issues in the sprayer. Hence, it’s essential that you don’t do anything like this.

2. Blocking Of The Sprayer’s Filter

The spray gun has a filter and a nozzle. Due to this filter, the gun can filter off any impurities from the paint. This is essential in providing better service and better quality of the paint.

However, when the paint is kept overnight in the sprayer, it can block off the filter of the sprayer. As a result, the sprayer can’t filter off any impurities from the paint.

3. Clogging Of The Sprayer

The leftover paint in the sprayer can cause the sprayer to get clogged out. But where does the clogging mainly occur?

Mainly, the nozzles and the tip of the sprayer gets clogged out. Whenever the leftover paint in the sprayer dries up, it clogs up the nozzles and the tip of the sprayer. As a result, the whole sprayer clogs up and doesn’t work at all.

How Long Can You Leave Paint in Airless Sprayer?

Yield: 24 Hours Paint Spray
Prep Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day

So, you’ll know the problems that can take place when you’ll store paint overnight in a sprayer. That being said, how long can you actually store paint in a sprayer?

Well, the answer depends on some factors. In fact, if you can adjust some factors in your sprayer then you can store paint for a long time. So, let’s look at what factors may contribute to keeping paint for a long time in a sprayer:


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    1. Temperature: Warm temperatures can dry out paint faster anywhere. So, if you adjust the paint spray temperature, you can manage the paint to dry out slower. Also, even if you get the sprayer clogged up due to the paint inside of it, you can use warm water to get the paint out. Hence, the temperature is an important factor to consider when storing paint in a sprayer.paint temperature
    2. Pressure: Yes, the pressure is also another important factor that you’ll need to consider. If you can adjust and reduce the pressure, you can store the paint in the sprayer for long. Pressure plays a role in the drying and curing of the paint. This is why many people store paint in their sprayers for long by relieving the pressure. But, how can you relieve the pressure?Well, just turn the lever of the sprayer in the downward position. Also, make sure you’re closing the nozzle or it’ll spray out all the paint from the inside.

          How To Clean a Paint Sprayer Gun?

          As you can’t risk any further damage to the sprayer, it’s better if you clean it. Hence, no paint will be inside of it and no more problems will occur. However, it’s essential that you clean the sprayer gun the correct way.

          And, if you’ve never done it before, you’ll face a bit of confusion. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. So, let’s look at the step-step process that we’ve compiled for you:


          In case you’re wondering what to use to clean airless paint sprayer, let’s look at the tools needed for the job.


          Step 1: Spray The Gun in a Bucket

          Firstly, select the intake hose of paint sprayer and spray it on a bucket of water. Following this, point the gun into a paint bucket and spray the remaining paint into the bucket. As a result, you’re storing the paint and you can use it for the future.

          But, stop the trigger of the gun right before water begins to spray from it. This is because you don’t want to ruin the paint bucket.

          Step 2: Spray Until The Water Turns Clear

          Use another separate bucket and start spraying the water coming out of the sprayer. Here, you’ll have to spray until you see that clear water is coming out of the sprayer.

          But, why is this an issue?

          Well, you don’t want any paint inside the sprayer. And if the water doesn’t come clean, it means there are still paints left inside.

          Step 3: Trim Out The Bristles

          Use the scissors or knife on the paintbrush and trim out its bristles. Here you don’t want existing paint anywhere and hence you’re taking this step.

          Step 4: Pour Thinner in a Bucket & Dip The Gun into The Bucket

          Take 2-3 cups of paint or lacquer thinner into a bucket.  After this, dismantle the parts of the sprayer gun. Here, make sure that you soak every part of the sprayer gun inside the bucket.

          Step 5: Clean The Body Of The Gun

          Before you start cleaning the body of the gun, wear out protective gear. Following this, take a cloth and rub the paint off the sprayer’s body. Here you’ll need to apply paint or lacquer thinner on the cloth first and then rub in the paint spray gun body.

          Step 6: Use The Brush & Return The Thinner in a Container

          Take the trimmed paintbrush. Here, the short bristles will make sure that no residue is left on the body of the paint sprayer.

          Go slow and rub out every remaining paint of the nozzle and tip of the sprayer. Make sure you’re cleaning the paintbrush afterward.

          On the other hand, return the thinner in a clean container. By doing this, you’re actually storing it for future usage.

          How to Unclog a Paint Sprayer?

          So, you’ve stored the paint in your sprayer overnight and now it’s clogged. What can you do now?

          Relax, don’t fret. It’s not the end of the world, is it? In fact, we’re here for you. Also, we’ve even shown how you can unclog your sprayer below. Follow the steps and you’ll easily get rid of this issue.

          So, let’s begin.


          Yes, you’ll need a set of tools for the job. Let’s take a look at them:


          Step 1: Dismantle The Gun

          Firstly, dismantle every part of the gun. It won’t be that hard. In fact, you can easily do it from the user manual. But, be careful to not lose any parts or damage the gun.

          Step 2: Soak The Parts in Mineral Splits or Thinner

          After you’re done dismantling the parts, soak them in a bucket full of paint thinner. Here you can also use mineral splits as an alternative.

          Step 3: Remove Paint From The Nozzle

          Take a sewing needle and clear the paint from the tip or nozzle of the sprayer. But, be careful to not damage the parts as they’re soft.

          Step 4: Fit The Nozzle in an Aerosol Bottle

          Take the nozzle and fit it on a tube of aerosol. Here, you’ll need to squirt it so that the lubricant comes out through the nozzle of the aerosol. Repeat this process until the nozzle is clear.

          Step 5: Use a Pressure Washer

          Take a pressure washer and clean out the outsides of the sprayer for any residue of paint. Here, many people look at  ar pump vs cat pump. But wait, let me tell you something.

          It doesn’t matter what washer you use. In the end, if you clean out the leftover paint from the outside portion of the sprayer, you’re good to go.

          Wrapping Up

          Well, that’s it. We’ve tried to cover almost everything related to this topic in this article. In the end, we even tried to clear out the clogging problem of the sprayer.

          So, can you leave paint in sprayer overnight? Only you can decide the answer to this question. But, we’ve also provided our opinion on this matter to make things clear for you. You can find also new fresh articles and recommendations at, Stay with us. Good Luck.

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