How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater In 2022? Let’s Do Crazy Stuff!

A broken primer bulb on your weedeater can be a drag, especially when you have piles of leaves stocked up in your backyard. Unfortunately, the weedeater is quite useless without that primer bulb on it. The good news it that bypassing the primer bulb will turn your weedeater on instantly. So, how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater?

First, you need to remove the screws and get rid of the faulty air bulb. Then, pull the metal plate away and clean the air bulb seat. Put polythene as a replacement for the air bulb and screw it into place with the metal plate. Lastly, press the little ball of polythene until the bubbles in the carburetor line appear.

how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater

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What Is Weedeater Primer Bulb?

When you’re using your weed eater for cutting the grass in your garden, have you ever wondered what that small button you need to press to prime the engine is? It’s a primer bulb that pulls enough in the carburetor to start the engine.

This bulb or button is usually located next to the carburetor. It’s also known as an air bulb.

What is weed eater primer bulb? A weed eater primer bulb is a button made of rubber which needs to be pressed to start up the weed eater’s engine. The bulb collects and passes fuel to the carburetor, which means it primes the carburetor to start the engine.

Different Types Of Weedeater Primer Bulb

Though the work is the same, all the primer bulbs aren’t of the same type. The sizes, materials, and mounting methods differ from each other. Based on the materials, primer bulbs are mainly of three types:

  • PA6/Special Rubber Primer Bulb (Nylon 6 or polycaprolactam)
  • Rubber Made Primer Bulb
  • TPU Made Primer Bulb (Thermoplastic Elastomers)

1. PA6/Special Rubber Primer Bulb

Primer bulbs made of PA6 or Nylon 6 are durable. They can last for a long time if used properly.

What is a PA6/Special Rubber Primer Bulb? Bulbs made of Nylon 6 mostly used in equipment that runs by Diesel are known as Primer Bulb made of PA6. This type of bulb usually has a diameter of 27 mm.

2. Rubber Made Primer Bulb

Rubbers are one of the most common materials used for making primer bulbs. Bulbs made with this material are very common and are considered A-grade products.

What is a Rubber Made Primer Bulb? Clear or colorful bulbs made of rubber are known as Primer Bulb made of Rubber. 18.5 mm is the typical measurement of their diameters.

3. TPU Made Primer Bulb

Primer bulbs made of TPU are suitable not only for weedeaters but also for chainsaws. They are good at collecting fuel oil.

What is a TPU Made Primer Bulb? Bulbs made of Thermoplastic Elastomers are known as Primer Bulb made of TPU. They are typically available with a diameter of approximately 18.5 mm.

Grab These Essentials FOR Bypass Primer Bulb

The most essential things that you’re going to need to bypass the primer bulb might be right next to you.

However, you need to double-check that the things that you’re getting are good enough to get your work done right at the moment.

Or else, you’ll turn up messing the whole weedeater up rather than bypassing the primer bulb.

Here’re the things you’ll need-


You’ll need to unscrew the screws that hold the metal piece of the primer bulb in places.

Polythene (Highly Durable and Flexible)

By putting polythene under the metal plate, we’ll create it as a ball-like structure.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, just two? Yes, these two things are enough to get your job done for now. At least it’ll turn on the weedeater for now.

6 Steps On How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater

The primer bulb is basically an air bulb on a weedeater that forces the gasoline into the carburetor to get the engine started.

You see, each push of the bulb sprays a fine mist of gasoline along with the air needed for the weedeater to start.

As the air bulbs are made of plastic or rubber most of the time, it eventually cracks or breaks after long term usage.

To repair this you just need another bulb and replace it. But you might face a situation when there’s no bulb available near you and you need the weedeater turned on right away.

However, the repair we’re going to show you is just going to take a few minutes only to get the weedeater started.

So, let’s check out how you’re going to bypass primer bulb step-by-step-

Step 1. Remove The Screws

You’ll notice that there are two screws on each side of the air bulb. You need to remove those two screws from the metal plate using a screwdriver.

However, you might also find flat -head screws or Philips head screws. It basically depends on the brand of your weed eater.

After you’re done removing the screw, keep them aside to a certain place so that you don’t lose it.

Step 2. Pull Away Air Bulb and Metal Plate

Now, you need to pull the metal plate upward to remove it from around the air bulb. Grab the previous defective air bulb and pull it straight upward.

If you notice that the air bulb or the metal plate is stuck, don’t worry. You can use a needlenose pliers to remove them.

Step 3. Clean The Air Bulb Seat

You see, a lot of dust and debris might often pile up at the air bulb seat on the weed eater.

If those enter the carburetor, there’s a high chance that they might do great damage to the inside mechanism of the weedeater.

Step 4. Put The Polythene in Place

It’s going to sound weird but this is what you need to do. You need to put the polythene under the metal plate where the air bulb was.

Now, push outside from the hole using your finger. This will create like a ball of polythene and it will act just like the primer bulb.

Step 5. Screw The Metal Plate Back On

You need to screw the metal plate back on now using the two screws to tightly fit it into place.

Make sure that it’s too tight to let any outside air get into that tiny ball of polythene.

Step 6. Press The Polythene Ball Few Times

Now you need the DIY bulb you’ve made to be ready so that you can start your weedeater right away.

As soon as you screw it tightly, you’ll notice the gas piling up inside the ball of polythene and that’s exactly what we want.

All you need to do it keep pressing that little ball for quite a few times till you see bubbles in the carburetor line. Because that’s when you know your weedeater is ready to start.

Now try to start your weedeater. It might not want to start at first, but it’ll start running after a few attempts.

Tips For Using Weed Eater Primer Bulb?

As you already know by now how important primer bulbs are for using a weedeater, it’s only natural to note down some simple tips for using the bulb. The tips are as follows:

  • Keep the bulb clean: Just like any other equipment, primer bulbs also need cleanliness to maintain their quality. Avoid unnecessary dirt and oil on it for longevity.
  • Try to lessen corrosion: Corrosion can’t be avoided for any equipment. Just try to be careful so that you can avoid overuse of the bulb. This will decrease the rate of corrosion.
  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure: Primer bulb usually starts working after you press it two times. If it doesn’t do so, don’t put extra pressure, rather look for any defects on the weedeater or the bulb.
  • Replace the damaged bulb: If your bulb gets damaged, the best thing to do is to replace it with a new one. The replacement procedure is simple, not time-consuming, and totally budget-friendly.

The 6 Best Weedeater Primer Bulb Products

Want to keep up the consistent satisfying performance of your weedeater? For that, you might want to know about the best primer bulb products. Here are some facts about the six best weedeater primer bulb worth trying:

best weedeater primer bulb

1.  Podoy 683974 – Best Primer Bulb for Craftsman Weedeater

Who doesn’t want an affordable primer bulb that can fit almost all the equipment? Good news is that, such a product does exist!

Podoy 683974 Primer Bulb is that magical product which is perfect for any weedeater, especially the craftsman one. So, without further ado, let’s get to know more about this.

Podoy 683974 Primer Bulb is a product which is compatible with almost every 2-cycled equipment of different brands. It’s a very common primer bulb.

Craftsman weedeater is one of the best weedeaters out there. So, it also requires an advanced and well-fitting bulb. For being a versatile primer bulb, which can fit in equipment of different brands, it’s safe to say that Podoy 683974 Primer Bulb is the best one for Craftsman weedeater.

For buying this bulb, it’s only natural to want to know more about it. So, let’s dig into the pros and cons of this product:

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  • Comes with 5 pieces in one packet.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can be used in almost every equipment that needs a primer bulb.
  • Works just like the original bulb that comes with the equipment.
  • Excessive pressure can damage the bulb.

2. Poweka 10 Snap – Best Primer Bulb for Ryobi Weedeater

High quality performance and budget friendly- these are the perfect words to describe the product “Poweka New Pack of 10 Snap In Primer Bulb”. It’s exclusively fit for the Ryobi weedeater.

If you have a Ryobi weedeater or plan to buy one, knowing about this particular primer bulb will come handy for you. So, let’s get to know more about it

Poweka New Pack of 10 Snap In Primer Bulb is an advanced replacement product mostly compatible with lawn applications and other electric tools like a chainsaw. Each bulb’s height is 31.4mm and wide is 21.4mm.

Not only is this product budget-friendly, it’s also fit for many equipment. Refined materials, versatility, and good performance make this primer bulb the best for Ryobi Weedeater.

Are you curious to know about the product’s pros and cons? Well, then let’s dig into them down below:

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  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes with 10 pieces in one packet.
  • Compatible with a wide range of equipment.
  • New and high in quality.
  • Sometimes you might find a few faulty ones out of 10 that come in one packaging.

Step 3. Zeroyoyo Pack 5 – Best Primer Bulb for Stihl Weedeater

If you’re looking for a primer bulb that’s small and white colored or clear, then Zeroyoyo Pack of 5 Primer Bulb is the prfect product for you. It’s a perfect fit for a Stihl weedeater.

If you want to purchase this bulb, then keep on reading below to know more about it:

Zeroyoyo Pack of 5 Primer Bulb is a replacement product compatible with carburetors of Stihl and Craftsman weedeaters. The bulb’s height is approximately 19mm and the flange’s diameter is almost 21.6 mm.

It’s circular shape and small size makes it exclusively fit for the Stihl weedeater. The bulb’s 18.5 mm (approx.) diameter is just perfect for the said weedeater.

If you want to buy Zeroyoyo Pack of 5 Primer Bulb, then get to know about its pros and cons down below:

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  • Fits the equipment it’s compatible with perfectly.
  • Small and easy to handle.
  • Comes at an affordable cost.
  • One packaging contains 5 pieces of bulb.
  • Might get damaged with excessive heat and use.

4. Hipa 15 – Best Primer Bulb for Echo Weedeater

If you’re looking for the fittest primer bulb for your Echo weedeater, then Hipa 15pcs Primer Bulb is the right product for you. Made for almost all Echo equipment, this bulb surely won’t disappoint you.

If you’re interested buying this primer bulb, keep on reading below for more necessary information.

Hipa 15pcs Primer Bulb is a product made especially for Echo and STHIL equipment. This primer bulb is made with comparatively thicker material than the other bulbs.

Hipa 15pcs Primer Bulb fits perfectly in Echo weedeater and it takes a really short time for installation. Besides, getting 15 pieces of bulb in one packet makes it a great deal, and thus, we like to call it the best Primer bulb for Echo weedeater.

If you’re curious to know about the product’s pros and cons before buying it, then keep on reading below:

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  • Budget-friendly.
  • One packet contains 15 pieces.
  • Made with thick material.
  • Easy to install on Echo weedeater.
  • The thick material makes it harder to screw the metal plate around it.
  • The bulb is larger comparatively to the original one that comes along with the weedeater, so it might create problems during installation.

5. Hipa Pack of 5 – Best Primer Bulb for Leaf Blower Weedeater

If you’re looking for a primer bulb compatible with your Leaf Blower weedeater, then worry no more. Cause you’ve brought to you all the things you need to know about such a product.

Hipa Pack-of-5 Snap in Primer Bulb is the best primer bulb for your weedeater. Keep on reading below to know why it’s on demand.

Hipa Pack-of-5 Snap in Primer Bulb is a product which is compatible with POULAN, STHIL, and Ryobi equipment. This bulb is fit for a 2-cycle small engine.

Hipa Pack-of-5 Snap in Primer Bulb is affordable and comes with the perks of amazing performance. That’s why it’s safe to say that Hipa Pack-of-5 Snap in Primer Bulb is the best primer for Leaf Blower weedeater.

If you want to buy this bulb, then reading about its pros and cons is a good move. Keep on reading below for that information.

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  • Can be used for different equipment.
  • One packet contains 5 pieces.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Might not be suitable for some devices due to their sizes.

6. Harbot 530057781 – Best Primer Bulb for Featherlite Weedeater

Are you looking for a primer bulb for your Featherlite weedeater? Then Harbot 530057781 FL20 Air Filter + Fuel Line Filter + Primer Bulb is the right product for you!

To know more about this amazing primer bulb, keep on reading below!

Harbot 530057781 FL20 Air Filter + Fuel Line Filter + Primer Bulb is just the perfect replacement product for Poulan Craftsman Weed Eater Featherlite. Besides, it’s also compatible with string gas trimmer.

Affordable price, high-quality materials, and compatibility with the equipment makes Harbot 530057781 FL20 Air Filter + Fuel Line Filter + Primer Bulb the perfect replacement product for the Featherlite weedeater.

If you want to buy this primer bulb, it’s normal for you to be curious about its pros and cons. So, let’s get into those down below:

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  • Budget-friendly.
  • Installation process is easy.
  • Made of high-quality components.
  • One package comes with 2 bulbs, 2 fuel filters and fuel line, and 1 air filter.
  • Might be large for certain equipment.
  • The package contains no instructions for the installation process.

How To Install A Primer Bulb On A Weedeater?

Primer bulb is an important part of a weedeater. As it’s made of plastic, corrosion can damage and make it stop working. In such a case, you’ve to think about installing a new primer bulb.

How to install a primer bulb on a weedeater? Anyone can install a primer bulb on a weedeater by using a screwdriver and some cleaning equipment. Removing the damaged one and replacing it with a new bulb is all we need to do.

Let’s get to know about the installation process step by step:

Step 1. Remove The Old or Damaged Bulb:

All weed eater come with a primer bulb installed in it. When the bulb gets damaged, using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws of the metal plate that holds the bulb. Pull out the metal plate and separate it from the primer bulb.

Step 2. Prepare The Bulb Seat:

Clean the bulb seat on the weedeater so that dirt can’t get into the carburetor.

Step 3. Install The New Bulb of Your Choice:

Install the new bulb on its seat and the metal plate. Insert the screws from before and you’re done!

How To Replace A Weed Eater Primer Bulb?

With continuous usage, a weedeater primer bulb may get damaged and stop working. It’s a sign for you to think of replacement and get a new bulb.

How to replace a weed eater primer bulb? First, remove the damaged bulb by unscrewing the metal plate. Then pull that out and place a new primer bulb on the bulb seat. Finally, insert the metal plate and screw it like before.

Let’s get to know about the replacement of a primer bulb from the following steps:

Step 1. Remove The Needed Equipment:

Remove the metal plate in which the bulb is placed from the weedeater using a screwdriver. Now, remove the metal plate from the bulb by pulling it upwardly.

Step 2. Clean The Weed Eater’s Surface:

Clean off the dirt and oil from the bulb seat on the weedeater.

Step 3. Placement of New Bulb:

Place the new bulb on the bulb seat and put on the metal plate. Insert the screws on the plate and tighten them.

How To Fix Primer Bulb On Weedeater?

As mentioned before, primer bulbs are made of rubber. Thus, it’s easy for them to get damaged with usage. But the good thing is that they can be fixed easily.

How to fix a primer bulb on weedeater? For fixing a damaged primer bulb on weedeater, first remove it from the metal plate and clean the bulb seat. Put the new bulb on the seat and the screw done the metal plate. That’s how you fix a primer bulb on a weedeater.

Let’s know about how to fix a primer bulb on a weedeater down below:

Step 1. Remove The Damaged Bulb:

Remove the damaged bulb along with the metal plate around it.

Step 2. Clean The Necessary Equipment:

Clean the bulb seat on the weedeater to keep the carburetor clean.

Step 3. Place The New Bulb:

After centering the new primer bulb on its seat, insert the metal plate along with its screws and tighten them.

Why Does Your Weed Eater Primer Bulb Not Filling?

As you already know by now, the primer bulb’s work is to supply fuel to the carburetor. It feels up the carburetor with fuel and helps to start the engine.

But the primer bulb of your weed eater might stop filling for some reason.

Why does your weed eater primer bulb not filling? If your primer bulb is cold or worn out, it won’t be filling anymore. Again, if the fuel line is clogged, the bulb won’t be able to fill anymore.

How To Fill Weed Eater Primer Bulb?

When your primer bulb stops filling with fuel, it becomes useless. At that time, you need to fix it.

How to fill weed eater primer bulb? You can fill weed eater primer bulb by replacing the faulty bulb or fuel line. Again, cleaning the clogged carburetor can resume the filling of your primer bulb.

Let’s dig into the steps you can take to fill your weed eater primer bulb:

Step 1. Replace Broken Primer Bulb:

Unscrew the metal plate and pull out the broken bulb. Insert the new one and put it back like before.

Step 2. Clean Carburetor:

Remove the air filter. Then disconnect the throttle cable and the fuel return line. Clean the carburetor and see it’s working.

Step 3. Insert New Fuel Line:

Remove the carburetor and insert new fuel lines on the input and output sides of the carburetor. To make sure you inserted those correctly run a test and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is my primer bulb not working?

Answer: You see, when your primer bulb isn’t working, it may be a problem with the bulb itself. Also, people often face issues with the fuel lines that feed fuel to the bulb or both. Often fuel lines hardened and cracked and they let in air. That air is what makes it impossible to draw the fuel into the carburetor properly.

Question: Which fuel line goes to the primer bulb?

Answer: You’ll notice the clear pipe which is the fuel intake line, runs from the top of the carburetor. And it goes to the short post on the back of the primer bulb. The blue line a.k.a the return line comes from the long post on the back of the primer bulb and goes into the bottom of the fuel tank.

Question: Why is my carburetor not getting gas?

Answer: The most obvious reason could be the supply of zero fuel at your carburetor. Also, it can be a simple issue like a fuel filter plugged so tight that no fuel can pass through. Nevertheless, a hole in the fuel line on the tank side could also cause the fuel pump to such air instead of fuel from the fuel tank.

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Wrapping Up

Well, now you know how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater with just a simple trick.

However, in the long run, you should grab a new primer bulb from the market and replace it.

And if you feel like that the situation of your weedeater is out of your reach, there’re professionals always ready to take of it.

So, don’t worry and get your weedeater started in no time.