Best Tile Grout 2022 – Pick the Top One Easily!

If you’re looking for constructing a tile surface or refurbishing an existing one, you have to deal with the process of sticking them together in the place. And with any typical glue or adhesive, it’s quite impossible. And every DIYer out there quite knows this fact.

In rescue, what people use is the thing called tile grout. It’s a formulated stuff that seals the gaps between tiles and provides a layer of durability and safety to the surface as well.

best tile grout

But if you get in the market to pick up a perfect tile grout, you can certainly be overwhelmed by the dozens of options. There are not only a handful of brands, but they also vary in terms of formulation, container variety, and amount as well.

Therefore, it becomes a mammoth task to find the best tile grout for any person.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a hand-picked list of best rated tile grout in the market, with a hands-free review of each of them.

If you feel like picking up the right one for you, let’s start with a thorough comparison table-

Best Tile Grout 2022 – Comparison Table

Our team researched best tile grouts for the market 2022.

ProductFeature 01
Feature 02Feature 03
1. Grout Pen White Tile Paint MarkerAmount: 20mlContainer: PenVariations: 2
2. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile GroutAmount: 5.5 ozContainer: TubeVariations: 1
3. Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile GroutAmount: 8 fl. ozContainer: BucketVariations: 1
4. Custom, Bright White PMG381QT 1-Quart GroutAmount: 1 QuartContainer: BucketVariations: 8
5. Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile GroutAmount: 5.0 ozContainer: TubeVariations: 5
6. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro PremiumAmount: 2 lbsContainer: BucketVariations: 1
7. Custom Building Product WDG1 Tile GroutAmount: 1 lbContainer: BucketVariations: 2
8. CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile GroutAmount: 5 lbsContainer: BucketVariations: 1
9. Custom Building Product WDG5 Tile GroutAmount: 5 lbsContainer: BucketVariations: 2
10. Bostik Sanded Tile GroutAmount: 25 lbsContainer: BagVariations: 1

How To Choose The Best Tile Grout In 2022

Before you make up your mind to get the right grout for your tile, go through this extensive buying guide. This will help you to hone up your decision about what grout you need for your project.

Decide The Amount:

As you have seen, tile grouts come in a variety of amounts. Some models offer multiple amounts in different versions of the same products, where some come with a fixed version.

Either way, you have to make an estimate of how much grout you would need and buy them all at one time. Otherwise, you’ll either run out of the grout, or keep excess of it.

The Applying Medium:

We have discussed in the previous section that the container of the tile grout will decide how you can apply it on your tile surface. If it’s a pen-shaped one, you’ve applied it directly. If it’s a tube, you have to squeeze it to apply. And if it’s a bucket, then you might need a third party medium.

Based on how fast you want to get your project done, you can decide the exact type of medium you need.

Make Sure It’s Protective Enough:

The demand for what you need from a group in terms of protection can vary. If it’s the bathroom or kitchen tile, you might need a waterproof seal in the first place. If it’s an outdoor subject, you might put an anti-crack feature on top of everything else.

Similarly, set your priorities about what you need, and go for the right kind of tile grout from the given options.

Protection from Mildew and Mold:

This is one of the most underrated buying factors for tile grout. And that’s the ability of the grout to provide protection against mold and mildew buildup.

No matter if it’s a ceramic tile, mosaic tile, or any other type, mold and mildew are the common foes of them. Therefore, make sure that the grout you are buying, is able to provide protection against that.

Price Quality Ratio:

Although tile grout is a pretty cheap product in terms of costs. But when it’s about cost-effectiveness, you might give the price-quality ratio as a second thought as well.

Especially, when you are buying tile grout for bulk tile makeover, this is one serious concern for every concerned professional.

1. Grout Pen Large White by Rainbow Chalk Markers – Best Overall Tile Grout

best overall tile grout

For all those DIYers out there who’d like to produce a touch of durability and protection to their tile surfaces at home, the Grout Pen Large from The Rainbow Chalk Markers is a jackpot. It’s in fact, one of the most popular tile grout among home contractors and garage enthusiasts.

We have broken down the specs and core features below for your consideration. Have a look-

  • Clean, Simple and Efficient:

The #1 selling point of this grout pen is, you don’t have to keep scrubbing the tiles like with those grouts that come in a bottle or container. All you need is to grab the grout pen, put where it’s required, and stop at the right moment. It will, therefore, make the most efficient use of your investment.

  • Ready to Use Anywhere:

As long as it’s a tile, you can apply this grout anywhere long bathroom, kitchen, floor, wall, etc. But the amount of grout is limited. So, you won’t get to use it in bulk.

  • Available in Both 5mm and 15mm Nibs:

Another beauty of this grout pen is- you can have it in either 15mm or a 5mm nib. The first one is for regular grouting, where the later one can be used in filling up hairline cracks in a tile surface.

As it’s made of non-toxic formula, you can use it on any kind of tile surface without worrying about the side effects.

What We Liked
  • Non-toxic, water-based formula.
  • Perfect for DIY projects and small tile surfaces.
  • Efficient application with ease in use.
  • It comes in both 5mm or 15mm nibs.
  • Efficient in terms of price.
What Need Improvement
  • For constructional works, it’s not the right choice.

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2. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout – Best Budget Tile Grout

best budget tile grout

Tubular containers are the new trendy format of consumer-grade tile grouts around. As the runners up pick of the list, we’ve got the Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout as the representative of that whole class.

As the name suggests, it’s a pre-mixed grout for tiles, which is ready to apply. The tube contains 5 punches of such grouts. And the amount is pretty moderate for DIY projects, small surface makeover, and other similar chores.

We’ll go deeper about its features below-

  • A Dedicated Grout for Ceramic and Mosaic Tiles:

The first selling point of this grout is, it’s a dedicated one for tiles of ceramic and mosaic. As a matter of fact, these two happen to be the most popular kind of tiles. And as this grout is an acrylic-based one, it will be the right fit for both of them.

  • Easy to Apply for Every DIYer:

This pre-made formulation requires no mixing and adjustment as you get to apply it on tiles. On top of that, the tube comes with a nozzle and a stop cork. Therefore, you can apply the exact amount of grout in the exact place.

  • A Layer of Protection for the Tiles:

No matter if it’s a mosaic tile or ceramic tiles, this grout will provide them with a layer of protection. This protection will work fine to prevent mold buildup, mildew buildup and water damage.

What We Liked
  • Easy to use a tube with stop cork.
  • Based on an acrylic-based formula.
  • Works on ceramic, mosaic, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Protects from water, mold, and mildew.
What Need Improvement
  • No scope of customizing the mixing ratio.

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3. Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout – Best Waterproof Tile Grout

best waterproof tile grout

In case you are looking for a small tile repair or makeover instead of a massive project, the Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout will be the right idea!

It’s a small container of ready-to-apply tile grout, and the amount is as small as 8 fluid ounces. This dull brown grout gets on the action quickly and comes with a swift protection for your tiles.

Here are the core features-

  • Perfect for Small Coverage:

The amount of grout in this model is 8 fluid oz or ½ pint. So, if you have a small section of tiles in your house, and if you want to strengthen it up, then it can be a perfect one. For example- this grout is perfect for a small tile table or so.

  • A Dull White Texture:

The color is neither the shiny white nor the gloomy brown. Instead, it comes in the colour of dull white, which gets mixed up with all sorts of interior easily. And it gets dried up quickly, so you don’t have to safeguard it for a long time after applying it on the tiles.

  • Completely Waterproof:

No matter if it’s a ceramic tile or a vinyl tile, this grout can be applied easily. Even if the subject is in a wet environment like a bathroom, this waterproof grout will ensure safety.

What We Liked
  • 8 fluid ounce grout for small tile area.
  • Gets dried up pretty quickly.
  • Waterproof protection.
  • Applies on both ceramic and vinyl tiles.
What Need Improvement
  • Not for big home makeover projects.

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4. Custom, Bright White PMG381QT 1-Quart Grout – Best Colour Tile Grout

best colour tile grout

It’s often an issue that users don’t find the right color of the grout that matches with the color of tiles itself. With the Bright White PMG381QT 1-Quart Grout, this problem is put to an end.

This tile grout comes as a budget-friendly grout for both interior and exterior tiles, and it has other benefits of it as well.

Let’s check out-

  • A Handful of Colour Choice:

The biggest reason why we’ve leaned on this product is the diversity in color choices it comes with. The one we’ve chosen is Bright White in color. But there are 7 more color choices of this tile grout. In case you are sensitive to how your tile looks like, this will be really good for you.

  • Strain, Crack and Shrink Resistant:

Another good quality of this tile grout is- it protects your tile surface from cracks, strain, and shrinks. As a matter of fact, these three are the common issues and complaints of customers. And it’ll be utterly taken care of with this model.

  • Provides Grout Restoration As well:

If you want to restore the strength of your previously applied tiles grout, this can be done with Bright White PMG381QT 1-Quart Grout. It’s a good grout for restoring the earlier layer.

What We Liked
  • 8 color choices to pick from.
  • Protective against strain, shrink, and crack.
  • It provides grout restoration as well.
  • It comes as a ready to apply tiles grout.
  • Works for both interior and exterior tiles.
What Need Improvement
  • Not a great pick for the bathroom floor.

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5. Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile Grout – Best Tile Grout for Beginners

best tile grout for beginner

It’s a common desire of home improvement workers nowadays that the tile grout comes in a handy tube instead of buckets. And the other qualities that should be there is a premium tile grout should also be there.

Checking all of the boxes, presenting the next best tile grout called the Red Devil 0438. Here goes the detailed description of this product-

  • Easy to Use Tube Container:

Instead of buckets, many of the users prefer to have tile grouts that come with a tube with a nozzle. This Red Devil 0438 is one such grout that comes in a handy tube with a nozzle with a cap. It is therefore easy to use and store if you want.

  • A Handful Of Similar Products:

Under the same umbrella, you will get to have a number of product options. The one we’ve selected is a tile grout. Where there are kitchen/bath caulk, tile adhesive, spackling paste, and seam repair products available. You can call it a complete home repair kit.

  • Easy and Constant Supply:

While applying this grout, you will have a constant flow of grout from the patented EZ Squeeze tube. So, you will have utter perfection in using this grout on your tiles.

What We Liked
  • It comes in a patented EX Squeeze tube.
  • Waterproof and easy to use.
  • It provides easy and smooth flow of the grout.
  • Works great on mosaic and ceramic tiles.
  • It can be also used in wood, masonry, and wallboard.
What Need Improvement
  • 5 oz of the tube might not be enough and they don’t provide and refill.

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6. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro – Best Premium Tile Grout

best premium tile grout

For an entirely new construction project that has tiles, you don’t get to complete it with a tile grout of 5-10 oz. Instead, you need it in bulk, and with all of the good qualities that you expect from a good quality grout.

Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium is one such product. It might sound a little pricey. But the values that it comes with, makes the price totally worthy of paying.

  • 2 lbs of Amount for Large Projects:

As we said before, this tile grout is for large projects that are being made from scratch. In that sense, there is 2 lbs of Laticrete SpectraLOCK in this pack. And that sounds sufficient enough for large projects that we talked about.

  • Provides A Solid Colour Uniformity:

This grout is a bulk one, and there might be a chance of non-uniform color scattering with grout like this. But fortunately, this one is not one of them. You will get an ultimate consistency of color while you’ll be done applying and drying it.

  • A Perfect Pick for Tiles and Stones:

No matter, if it’s a ceramic tile, glass tile, or stone, this grout, will work fine on any of them. And the uses can be made in both residential and commercial cases.

What We Liked
  • 2 lbs of grout in one pack.
  • Perfect for bulk project makeovers.
  • It can be used on glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and stones.
  • It provides optimal color consistency.
  • A grout for both commercial and residential purposes.
What Need Improvement
  • Applying this grout in your bare hand can be tough.

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7. Custom Building Product WDG1 Tile Grout – Best Non-shrinking Tile Grout

best non shrinking tile grout

Custom Building Product has a legacy of making products that are for construction and home remodeling purposes. On that point, the WDG1 Tile Grout is a 1 pound tile grout that can be applied on both interior and exterior projects.

This ANSI-certified grout has a number of other features that you might be interested in. Keep reading through to get an idea on those.

  • A Non-shrinking Grout:

One of the most frequent complaints about tile grout is- they get shrunk and turn into efficiency in terms of usage. This 1 pound grout is not accused of that problem though. It shrinks to quite a minimum level and gives you a full return of your investment.

  • Comes in Both 1 Pound and 5 Pound Options:

The version of WDG1 Tile Grout we have selected is a container of 1 pound tile grout in it. In case you want to go for grouting a large portion of the tile surface, there is another version that has 5 pounds of the same product in it.

  • Provides a Joint of Up to ⅛”:

In terms of how much area you can cover with this product, this WDG1 Tile Grout is a win-win situation. You can cover gaps between tiles that are as wide as ⅛ inches, and that’s awesome for any constructor.

What We Liked
  • ANSI-certified built quality.
  • It comes in both 1 pound and 5 pound version.
  • A grout dedicated to tiles only.
  • Ready to be applied on both interior and exterior.
What Need Improvement
  • Not for non-tile surfaces.

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8. CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout – Best Fine Grade Tile Grout

best fine grade tile grout

The next product that we’re talking about is a 5 lbs grout that comes with optimal great. It’s called the CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout and it’s another of our best tile grout in this list.

This grout is White in color, which is quite the standard in the world of tile grouts. In terms of protection and durability, the CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout checks the boxes as well.

Here go the details of its features and perks-

  • Offers A Very Fine Grade:

When it comes to fineness, you might have a few options that ensure a good grade. And the CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout is one of the few. It will be as smooth as the tiles when you are done applying it to your project.

  • Seals the tile Against Water:

This project is a perfect grout to apply on tiles on your bathroom or kitchen sink. Because this provides an ultimate protection from water and humidity. Also, it can seal the water on a 100% basis as well.

  • 5 Pounds of Enough Amount:

With the 5 lbs grout that you’ll get in this product, you will neither run out of grouts nor keep a good amount of unused grout. If it’s a medium grade project you’re working on, the 5 lbs are the perfect amount to put your hands on.

What We Liked
  • 5 pounds of tile grout in one place.
  • It offers a very fine grade of white color.
  • Seals the water and is waterproof all the way.
What Need Improvement
  • The price-quality ratio isn’t satisfactory.

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9. Custom Building Product WDG5- Best Tile Grout for Wall & Floor

best tile grout for wall floor

Remember the 1 pound tile grout from the WDG series of Custom Building Products that we talked about? Well, this time this is the 5-pound version of it, which is dedicated to cover bigger projects that involve tile grout.

Let’s check out what’s inside this product of the list-

  • A Grout Dedicated for Wall or Floor Tiles:

This product doesn’t come with that much diversity usually. But the ones that it comes with, is the best serving from the brand. The WDG5 Tile Grout is dedicated to being applied on wall or floor tiles only. Any project like that can be taken care of on a large basis.

  • 5 Pounds of White Tile Grout:

In case your project is a small one that involves a few square feet of tiles to be grouted, this is not the right fit. Instead, the WDG5 Tile Grout is a grout for big tiles surfaces on your home. It might be a few walls or the entire floor that you can grout with this product.

  • ⅛” Of Non-shrinking Joints:

This grout provides you with the ability to take care of tile joints of up to ⅛ inches. Also, it’s a non-shrinking formula. So, it will not shrink once it’s dried up. So, you can provide a good seal to the tiles once this WDG5 Tile Grout is applied.

What We Liked
  • 5 pounds of non-shrinking tile grout.
  • Perfect for both wall and floor tiles.
  • Ready to serve big makeover/construction projects.
What Need Improvement
  • Not for ameteur/non-commercial uses.

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10. Bostik Sanded Dry Tile Grout – Best Sanded Tile Grout

best sanded tile grout

There are many of us with a ceramic tiles floor or ceiling who need refurbishing on it. For those users among all, the Bostik Sanded Dry Tile Grout comes as just the right grout that they need.

This charcoal black grout is a 25-pound product that can be used on both interior and exterior tiles projects. It checks all the qualitative boxes along with good durability. The only thing that might discourage you is the price.

  • A Sanded Grout for Ceramic Tiles:

The Bostik Sanded Dry Tile Grout comes dedicated to being used on ceramic tiles only. No matter if it’s an exterior project or an interior one, it can be taken care of with fine application of this grout.

  • Rapid Curing Characteristics:

As long as it’s about refurbishing a surface made of ceramic tiles, it needs to be taken care of the damages. This grout comes with that exact curing capacity that you need. As it’s a sanded one, this enhances the curing capacity of the grout.

  • Provides a New Makeover to The Tiles:

There are a handful of recovering qualities in this tile. Among these, the consistency, strength, durability, hardness, and uniformity are worth mentioning. The premium price that you pay for it, is completely worth it if you think about all those qualities.

What We Liked
  • Sanded and premium-made tile grout.
  • Dedicated for ceramic tiles.
  • Has great recovering capacity.
What Need Improvement
  • The price is quite over the bar for many users.
  • Not for vinyl or mosaic tiles.

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Types Of Tile Grouts In The Market

If we point at the formulation, there isn’t much variation in tile grouts. But the difference that we are pointing at, is the one with containers. Believe it or not, this factor decides how you’ll use it, what kind of project you can use it on, and many more factors.

Therefore, here are three types of tile grout in terms of the container that they come with.

Tile Grouts with A Nib(Pen-shaped):

This kind of tile grout comes in the shape of a pen. It’s way thicker and different than the usual ballpoint pens. But the outlook is quite similar. The only difference in outlook is the thickness.

Instead of ink, the nibs of this pen grouts eject is tile grout. And the size of the nibs is often measured in mm. In the market, the range of this grout nib can vary from 5mm to 20mm. The one that we’ve selected in this list is of 5-15mm range.

These grouts are perfect for use in DIY projects, delicate tile makeovers, and anywhere where you need perfection more than anything else.

Tile Grouts In A Tube:

If you have to apply grout on tiles of a small area(portion) of your kitchen, wall, ceiling, or bathroom, the grout with a tube container can be the right fit for you.

To let the user apply the grout easily, each of these tubes come with a nozzle with a pointed top in it. Therefore, it becomes easy to squeeze the grout out of the tube and apply it in the right amount.

To prevent accidental leaks or splitting out of the grout, the container also comes with a safety stop. And as you can squeeze-apply it, it doesn’t have to be bulk in amount.

For projects that require more than 4-10 ounces of grouts, it won’t be done perfectly with this grout. For that, you have to move to the next portion of this segment.

Tile Grouts In A Container(Bucket):

As we were just saying, projects that are supposed to grout a good amount of tile area should be occupied with something else. And that’s the grout that comes in a container.

These containers contain ½-5 pounds of the grout. And you need to use a secondary tool to apply that on your ceramic or mosaic tile. But the advantage is, it’s very cost-effective as it comes in bulk.

For constructional projects and similar commercial chores, going with this kind of tile grout will be the best idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of grout is appropriate for bathroom tiles?

For wet surfaces like the bathroom or kitchen, you have to pick up grouts that are waterproof.

How much tile grout would need for a new tile construction?

For purposes like these, you need to have at least a few pounds of the grout.

What kind of grout provides maximum fineness?

Tiles that are made of acrylic formula, can provide the best fineness.

How to be cost-effective with a tile grout?

The way of being most cost-effective is by buying it in bulk.

Wrapping Up

So, that was the overall discussion on what are the best tile grout models in the market. We have tried to cover a lot of variety in terms of formula, container, price, and quality. Based on whether you are either a DIY or a professional construction worker, you can make the right choice in front of the given variety.

No matter what, you are supposed to the right set of instructions while using the grout.

Good luck!