Best Subfloor Screws 2021 – Pick The Right One and Use Properly!

Who loves to hear squeaking sounds when they walk on their floor? Psst! It’s disturbing! It ruins the whole image of your home, right? Okay, okay, don’t panic out. You can quickly fix them with a little bit of maintenance. Subfloor screws are your savior. Using them, you can easily replace, re-attach or renovate your noisy floors.

Now, this goes without saying that you should use the best subfloor screw for your floors. There’s no point in putting your efforts in vain if the subfloor screws are not good enough. So, how are you going to know which is the best subfloor screw out there?

best subfloor screws

That’s why we came up with a detailed article only for you. Here, we will talk about some fantastic products that you’ll fall in love with.

So, fasten your seat belts and jump into the segment to enjoy it.

What Do People Like About Subfloor Screws?

You may have questions like why you would use subfloor screws or why you won’t use nails. Wait, these questions are expected. Before buying anything, you must know why it is better.

If we say subfloor screws are the only solution for your squeaky floor. Do you want to know why people love this? Already desperate?

Then let us tell you to step by step why people like subfloor screws.

  • More robust and durable: The steel screws, used primarily for the interior subfloor, are more powerful and durable than ordinary nails. They also secure the plywood from cracking, giving long-time support.
  • Contain a particular layer: The special layer on the screw prevents it from rusting and damaging in the long run. This will help your subfloor to withstand any weather conditions.
  • Various options in size: There are multiple choices of sizes in screws. You can choose 3-12 lengths of screws compatible with the size of plywood you are using.
  • Different types of screws: An array of subfloor screws is widely available in the market. This includes – steel, galvanized, and many more. Some are specialized for indoor and some for the exterior parts. This is awesome, right. Who gives so many options? 

But as there are too many options, you may find it overwhelming to choose your perfect match. So, to save you from this hectic dilemma, we have researched for days to bring up this article.

We will keep you no further; let’s move ahead.

1. Senco Collated Subfloor Screw – Best Screw for Securing Subfloor

best screw for securing subfloor

First of all, say hi to the best product on our list – Senco Collated Subfloor Screw. But the question is what makes it unique from others.

This screw is so sturdy and durable that it is known as the best screw for securing subfloor. It is made up of alloy steel that helps the Senco screw to gain this distinct feature.

In addition to this, this product is of 2- inch length – the perfect size for your subfloor. And, of course, the 2’ x 8’ diameter of this makes the whole renovation process a piece of cake.

In this pack, you will get 1000 screws, rough ⅔ thread of wax, and every screw with a zinc coating. Imagine how good it is. Overall, this will help you fasten your subfloor tighter that will remain in place for a long, long time.

What We Liked
  • Easy to fasten
  • ⅔ wax thread
  • Zinc coating
  • Pneumatic features are present
What Need Improvement
  • Does not work for the cement boards
  • Some threads don’t go to the top of the screw

2. QuickDrive Subfloor Screw – Best Screw for Advantech Subfloor

best screw for advantech subfloor

After that great product, we introduce to you our second desirable product. This product is the best screw for advantech subfloor and is never really going to disappoint its owner.

Manufactured by Simpson, these subfloor screws are 14 inches in length. That’s a lot, right? And this feature will help your subfloor to last longer than any other.

Also, the screws have a flat head with nibs attached to them. It helps them against countersinking.

And lastly, this budget-friendly product has a phosphate coating on its exterior parts. In total, Simpson makes this product easy to handle.

What We Liked
  • Durable
  • Have flat heads and nibs attached to them
  • Phosphate coating
  • Cheaper product with premium quality
What Need Improvement
  • Not suitable for deck or rock material
  • They are not rust-proof

3. QuickDrive Subfloor Screw 9” x 2” – Best Screws for Squeaky Subfloor

best screws for squeaky subfloor

Moving down the list, we have another product from the same manufacturer. This screw should be your topmost priority if you’re faded up with your noisy floor. You will be awed to know this is the best screw for the squeaky subfloor.

To begin with, this subfloor screw provides precise countersinking and secure carn-outs. This is only possible due to the six lobed head. Therefore, it will last longer, my friend.

Moreover, tips and threads are redesigned such that you will need half as much as the time you used to need. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that this incredible design helps the torque to reduce by 20% or more.

Except this all, these screws have super holding power that lets the subfloor joints in place. Guess what? With this, you will finally be able to get relief from that squeaky noise. Still confused, then you should surely try it.

What We Liked
  • Have immense holding power
  • Zinc finishing
  • Specially designed tip and holding pattern
  • Can be upheld out
What Need Improvement
  • It can be a little bit expensive
  • Suitable for interior floors only

4. B&C Eagle Zinc Collated Subfloor Screw – Best Fasteners for Subfloors

best fasteners for subfloors

 At number 4, we have another quality product for you. That is none other than B&C Eagles Subfloor Screw. Okay, let us explain why you should choose this?

Let’s start with why it is the best fasteners for subfloors. The screws are type 17 of 2 square bit, which helps efficient drilling with less time. Not only that, but this feature makes this product the best fastener to provide you with long-time subfloor support.

This Taiwan product is also made up of coarse thread with 50 screws per strip. This makes the thing more than perfect for this job.

And not to mention, the zinc coating of this screw will protect the screw from corrosion. This layer is solely for constructive purposes.

  • Zinc coated
  • It can be drilled within a short time
  • Best fastener
  • Certified frustration-free
  • Recommended for interior only
  • Suitable only for woods

5. Philips Flat Subfloor Wood Screw – Best Screw for Chipboard Subfloor

best screw for chipboard subfloor

Well, now meet our another all-time favorite screw- Philips flat wood screw. Why choose this, leaving other similar products?

Firstly, this steel screw comes in different shapes and sizes. You know what? This allows you to choose from various options and ultimately get the perfect match for your plywood.

At first glance, this may look like only a simple screw, but they outweigh other brands in numerous ways. The thread’s edges are so precise and sharp that it holds the wood tightly in place. This incomparable quality makes it the best screw for the chipboard subfloor.

Wanna hear more? It has a black phosphate coating that prevents rust and corrosion. So, now you can use it either interior or exterior floor without any second thoughts.

What We Liked
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior
  • Black phosphate coating
  • Various options are available
  • Rust-proof
What Need Improvement
  • The size of the screw is relatively small
  • The head of the screw is not so big

6. Senco 08D175W – Best Screws for OSB Subfloor

best screw for osb subfloors

Presenting another top rated product of our recommended list – Senco Collated Screw for Deck and Dock. Yes, we know this is another product of the same manufacturer you met before. Now, let’s show you why this surpluses other subfloor screws in the market.

First thing first, this incredible product is straightforward and quick to set up. Don’t worry if you’re too busy or running behind your schedule; Senco screws have your back.

This hard-powered screw is suitable for your exterior part of the house, like decks. This is the reason behind becoming this screw the best screw for the OSB subfloors.

And we have more good news to ease your worries. It has the premium quality of zinc coating to prevent rusting. This undoubtedly gives your subfloor a lifetime repair.

What We Liked
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very easy to set up
  • It can be used to treated lumber
  • Rust-resistant and especially perfect for exterior floors
What Need Improvement
  • It does not have any square bit
  • Not suitable for interior floors of your house

7. B&C Eagle CS8X212YZ – Best Screw for Plywood Subfloor

best screw for plywood subfloor

Hands down to our next subfloor screw of the same manufacturer, it is the one and only B&C Eagle Zinc Collated Subfloor screw. You have to admit this beats every other screw while fixing the plywood. Why? Here’s the answer.

Surprisingly, this screw has the number 2 bit and a type 17 torque. To be straightforward, it means it makes the whole drilling process effortless. For this, people believe it to be the best screw for the plywood subfloor.

Now, let’s move to another great feature of this screw. And what is that? It has one of the finest coarse threads, which helps the joints and subfloor be in place for a long, long time.

And we think now we don’t even have to mention how the screw is coated with yellow zinc to protect it from moisture and eventually rusting. So what are you wait in’ for?

What We Liked
  • Type -17 point
  • Strong threading
  • Finishing touch with a yellow zinc layer
  • Also works best for loose boards
What Need Improvement
  • Only suitable for woods
  • Not recommended for exterior floors like decks

8. FastenMaster Cortex Subfloor Screw – Best Screw for Bathroom Subfloor

best screw for bathroom subfloor

Now, it is time to know another product which we are obsessed off. It is none but FastenMaster Cortex Subfloor Screw. So, why not get a sneak peek of its mind-boggling functions.

Are you looking forward to installing such a screw that will conceal the fasteners? Then this is the one. And the bonus feature is this makes the process almost 50% faster.

Besides, cortex screws have extreme power of holding the boards in place. It’s just immensely tough to strip the screws out or even loosen the fasteners. This is one of the many reasons why it is the best screw for bathroom subfloor.

And to the very last, you will be more than pleased to know that you’ll get everything needed with this package. And wanna know what is that? Plugs and setting tools. These plugs are going to save you valuable time. We know it’s exciting. Why don’t you examine yourself?

What We Liked
  • Plugs to make your work faster
  • Establish a robust correlation between the joints
  • Conceals fasteners
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior part
What Need Improvement
  • Not for the deck board made up of composite material
  • It can be a bit pricey than other products

9. Milescraft 5207 – Best Subfloor Screw for The Money

best subfloor screws for money

Are you looking for some cheap yet reliable options in the market? Then you should try out these screws from Milescraft. We are saying this because this is one of the best subfloor screws for money that you will ever meet.

This screw comes with coarse threads suitable for both softwood and plywood. Wow! That means now you are tension-free of fixing your subfloors time and time again.

Other than this, these Pocketscrews have anti-corrosion and rust-resistant coating. Yes, the users who used it are thrilled with this facility. Nevertheless, being so inexpensive, the qualities it offers are commendable.

Overall, its sturdier and thicker body with a more giant head makes it one of the demanding products on our list.

What We Liked
  • Protected from corrosion
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • 9 months warranty given
  • Extremely cheap
What Need Improvement
  • Size might be a little bit bigger
  • Not suitable for children under three.

10. Tigerclaw Steel Coated Subfloor Screw – Best Screw for Attaching Subfloor

best screws for attaching subfloor

This Tigerclaw steel screw brings us to the end of our list. Being the last one, it never stops satisfying its users. Come, take a walk around its specialties.

To commence, the first thing that acted as a selling point is the long-lasting performance that these screws give you. You’ll get a stainless steel layer with black oxide. Who gives so much? This will ensure that no screw will ever be damaged.

Despite being a little expensive, this product comes with 33 degrees. If you are wondering why then we must say this will be very helpful with the installation gun. No wonder it’s one of the best screws for attaching subfloor.

All in all, this product is designed in a fantastic way that you can use it on decks and bathrooms. This unique design helps them to load and fasten faster. And Philip’s head is the extra feature that you’ll get with it.

What We Liked
  • The layer of black oxide
  • 33 degree enables easy setup
  • Suitable for exterior and interior floors
  • Rust protected
What Need Improvement
  • Expensive than others
  • Best for the only irremovable boards

Frequently Asked Questions

Does screw hold better in OSB or plywood?

Plywood holds subfloor screws better than the OSB. Plywood is made up of some most potent varieties of wood which ensures strong holding power. On the other hand, in OSB, only boards are tightened rather than being pulled. This gradually results in the squeakiness of the floor.

What size of plywood should you use for the subfloor?

While considering plywoods, the optimum size should be between ¾ inch to ⅝ inch. Except for this, several factors affect plywood efficacy. Such as though using regular plywood is completely fine, but it’s more common to use tongue and groove sheets.

Is it better to nail or to screw the subfloor?

Of course, screws are best when you are fixing your subfloors. Nails can be a faster option but bear in mind that they are not reliable ones. Almost every nail is too smooth to withdraw and leads to squeaks and damages to the floor.

How far apart should the subfloor screws be?

A general rule is to place the screws 8 inches apart from each other. And to do that, you will need more screws. So yes, just according to the size of your plywood and this rule, fix your subfloor.

How do you attach plywood subfloor to joists?

At first, place the plywood at the right level and put the adhesive constructive to the joists. Then ensure if it is in the proper position. If everything is okay, place the screws best fitted to the place. And it’s done!

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Wrapping Up

That’s it, guys. Thank you for staying with us for so long. We hope you have already decided which is your most favorite subfloor screw.

We tried to give you an in-depth analysis of the best subfloor screw according to your needs. But if you are still unsure, why not take another look at the pros and cons of each one.

Once you’re done, pick a screw from our list that is best for you. Good Luck! See you in the next post!