Best JIS Screwdriver 2022 – Pick the Top One Easily!

Who doesn’t own Japanese tools nowadays? Japan is a huge manufacturer of tools and electronics. And if you have any of them, you might have faced some difficulties while screwing them. It is normal. These screws need specialized screwdrivers called JIS screwdrivers.

best jis screwdriver

Before anything, you must know about the JIS screwdrivers. So, what are the best JIS screwdrivers for your tools? To answer your question, we have come with a brief list of the most demanding products. And guess what, we have a step-by-step guide and a FAQ session following that.

No more waiting, have a ride with us to the whole article.

What Do People Like About JIS Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers have a lot of qualities. It is also a handy object for our vehicles. To pick one of the best, it’s worthwhile to have a look at their positivity. Below are listed some.

  • Cost-Effective

Why go anywhere when you can do the work with JIS screwdrivers at the cheapest price. Believe it or not, being so cheap, it never compromises its quality.

  • Convenient

The handles are large enough to fit into your palms and have specific designs for a good grip. So, feel free to use it on any occasion.

  • A greater degree of choice

They have a range of bits to choose from. They may also come in a set that increases our variety of choices. We guess it’s enough for the people to love it.

  • Less laborious

Screwdrivers can be less laborious when it is used with proper knowledge of when to use which one. And JIS screwdrivers are such a one that helps to do the work with most efficacy with the least knowledge required.

  • Greater Efficiency

Screwdrivers are more efficient if the head of the screws is perfectly matched with them. And this is the exact thing that you’ll get with these screwdrivers. So, now you say, aren’t they of greater efficiency.

Now, when you understand why it’s a necessity, it’s a better idea to know the perfect pair for your JIS screws. Go through one by one of them to decide.

1. Vessel 900 Megadora Screwdriver

vessel 900 screwdriver

With a big round of applause, we welcome the first and best product on our list – Vessel Megadora Screwdriver. Wondering why it’s at the top? There are many reasons, among which are its design, suitability with JIS, and lower price.

It has beautiful features and is of amazing quality. Furthermore, the handle is soft enough to ensure a good grip, and the tip is designed for better fitting with the screw. Its elegance will lift the look of your toolbox. The head, on this model, fits smaller screws as well as larger ones up to some level.

Vessel Megadora screwdrivers fit well with Japanese International Standard (JIS) and can be used with all Japanese tools. It doesn’t strip out or damage the screws and requires lesser pressure. It is easy to operate. So, you’re carefree now!

And one more thing: they are not like those cheap, low-quality screwdrivers in the market. However, they aren’t very expensive as well, making them within everyone’s budget. The high precision makes it worthy of your money.

What We Liked
  • Has high strength
  • It is easy to handle
  • Fits tightly with the screw
  • Matches with our budget
  • It is of premium standard
What Need Improvement
  • Not the cheapest thing in the market
  • Doesn’t provide any warranty

2. RW 0059-006 JIS Screwdriver

rw 0059 006 screwdriver

Second up is RW JIS Small Medium Large Metric Full Tang Solid Shaft Screwdriver from RIFTWILD. Excited to know its specialities? Follow us.

The most important selling point of the screwdrivers is that it is strong enough to work on very old Japanese Instruments with tighter screws, and it doesn’t slip off while being used. Its high strength comes from the chrome vanadium steel that it is made of. Additionally, the magnetism in them allows better attachment with the screw.

Another good side of this toolset is that it is authentically Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) and has even adapted to the newer standard. All the screwdrivers in this set are cross points.

On top of this, the set comes with three screwdrivers with various head styles such as Crosspoint JIS1, Crosspoint JIS2, and Crosspoint JIS3. This allows greater choices of them and allows a bigger range of screws to be matched with.

Getting lots of properties just in one is a dream come true, right? We can only do justice to it by clicking add to cart option.

What We Liked
  • It comes with a set of three
  • Adapted to the newer version of JIS
  • Very strong
  • Good quality
What Need Improvement
  • It is a bit expensive
  • The head is a bit fragile

3. Hozan JIS 4 Screwdriver

hozan jis 4 screwdriver

Now it’s the turn to introduce another premium product – Hozan JIS Screwdriver Set. Like the rest of the Screwdrivers mentioned above, it has its own speciality and some common good features. Check it out one by one.

Starting with the speciality, its uniqueness is that it can be used in JIS and Phillips screws. It is somewhere between Phillips and JIS, so it matches both sides. WOW. Two birds at one stone!

Apart from this, it has other popular qualities that are worth a mention. One of them is the comfort level that it offers. The handles are made of polypropylene which makes them soft and cosy on our palms.

Finally, it’s affordable. It is made in a way that needs minimum cost saving our money. So, where are my frugal brothers? This is one of the best JIS screwdrivers for you out there.

What We Liked
  • Can be used in both types of screws
  • Comfortable to deal with
  • A budget-friendly product
  • It is strong
What Need Improvement
  • Maybe a bit fragile
  • Not fully upgraded to the latest JIS

4. VESSEL MEGADORA No.900 +2×100 Screwdriver

vessel megadora 900

Moving on to our next product is the VESSEL MEGADORa Screwdriver 900. This item, although from the previous manufacturer you met before, has its uniqueness. Its precision, strength, and ease of operation are well distinguished.

Why do we like to call it the most precise option? For its blades are knurled. Moreover, the tip is black point and JAWSFIT. And don’t ask about magnetism. It is top-notch.

Its strength is also notable given that the blade is toughened by heat treatment, making it resistant to long-time use. Not only that, but also the blade is even coated with chrome for protection against corrosion.

The company didn’t leave any flaws behind by paying close attention to the handles as well. They are made especially smooth that makes the grip very comfortable. In addition, they are carefully made with a mixture of both hard and soft elements to ensure a cosy grip.

What We Liked
  • Uniquely precise
  • Especially strong
  • Comfortable handles
  • Reasonable price
What Need Improvement
  • Not the cheapest
  • Too pointed

5. JIS Screwdriver Set

jis screwdriver set

We have come halfway through our elaborate list. Now we must discuss another awesome set of screwdrivers, called the JIS Screwdriver Set. But you can ask us why it should be on our list. The answers are sequenced below.

Firstly, it is designed to be strong by using chrome vanadium steel.  It is so rare to find nowadays. Furthermore, tips are hardened so that they do not get damaged. And it’s no new news that it, too, has a cross-pointed head.

Besides, it is versatile. Why? Not to mention it comes in a set of four which enables a wider range of uses. Also, the tip is very similar to Phillips screws, so it works on both types. Goodie!!!

And the best part, it is cost-efficient.  Yes, you’ll get four items in a set which is less expensive than four separate products. Moreover, given that the quality of the screwdrivers is a high standard, your money will be going to the right place.

What We Liked
  • High strength
  • Greater coverage
  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable
What Need Improvement
  • Is not fully dedicated to JIS
  • The quality is not the best

6. VESSEL Impact Driven Screwdriver

vessel impact driven screwdriver

Meet another product from the brand Vessel. However, you might wonder why we have put product from the same company. Dear, it is for some unique reasons. We will be explaining these in the following paragraphs:

First off, it is an Impact Driven Screwdriver which means it is made to go through greater forces. It”s handle is built with metal to prevent breaking off when struck with a hammer. Now, remain fret-free while using these screwdrivers.

Then comes the second speciality. The handle is made to be slip-proof which increases ease of operation when used with oil-smeared hands. Imagine the attention of the manufacturer upon the consumers’ demands. Tremendous!

The magnetic tip ensures a tighter fit with the screw and prevents the screws from being damaged. And one of the supreme facts is that this product is made from recycled materials which makes it eco-friendly.

What We Liked
  • Can go through heavy impact
  • The handle doesn’t get slippery
  • Attaches nicely with a screw
  • It is environmentally friendly
What Need Improvement
  • It is sturdy
  • Might damage screws with coating

7. Vessel 920 Stubby JIS Cross Point Screwdriver

vessel megadora 920

The next item is VESSEL MEGADORA Stubby Screwdriver. As the name suggests, this item is different by being stubby. But let’s face it, why should you choose these leaving others.

Yes, the first reason is it’s made of iron which gives it strength. So the tip does not get broken when a large force is required. That said, feel free to push it as hard as you want without fear of losing anything.

Being one of the leading brands, you can have trust in the Screwdriver’s quality. The company has assessed all the risk factors concerning it, so the product is safe to use.

Finally, let us come back to the fact that it is stubby. This Screwdriver allows greater force to be applied on especially tight screws, which normal screwdrivers cannot unfasten. If you’re not using it, you are totally at a loss.

What We Liked
  • It is stubby
  • Fit for Japanese vehicles
  • Has a lot of strength
  • Product of a reputed company
What Need Improvement
  • Might damage the coating of screws
  • It is a little expensive

8. Vessel 220 Ball Grip Screwdriver

vessel 220

If you think that we don’t have the perfect pick for you, you have no idea about what is waiting for you next. Please don’t trust the rank it got because it has some crazy features. Care to look?

For starters, the ball-shaped handle allows better grip and will enable us to turn the screwdriver work more precisely. It is also difficult to lose sight of such a unique handle, resulting in better operation.

Although this screwdriver is made for JIS screws, it also fits into Phillips screws because it has been upgraded to a newer international standard that makes it applicable to both types.

Another demanding detail is that it is cheaper than most store-bought screwdrivers. However, there is no trade-off to its quality as it is manufactured in Thailand, where production costs are less than in Japan. A good one to try. Isn’t it?

What We Liked
  • Unique handle design
  • Versatile
  • Cheap
  • Good quality
What Need Improvement
  • Not authentically JIS
  • Slightly expensive

9. Sunflag JIS Screwdriver

sunflag jis screwdriver

Next, meet this new set of screwdrivers known for their perfect grip. Wanna explore it? We are saying bit by bit.

It allows a nice grip on its handle because it is not straight-shaped but rather shaped to fit your grasp. Apart from that, it works well into screw because it is the certified B4633 JIS which makes it suitable for Japanese Products.

However, it is not only limited to JIS anymore, but it also serves well with Phillips. The versatility is increased by expanding the number of screwdrivers in the set, allowing a greater field of application. Another reason to love it!

Also, its strength is increased by using a tang-thru design that makes it resistant against damage done through the heavy beating of the hammer. Combined with the magnetism in the tips that enables better fitting with screws, it makes the tool a powerful instrument.

What We Liked
  • All in one combination
  • Perfect grip
  • Serves both JIS and Phillips screws
  • Has a magnetic tip
What Need Improvement
  • The handles might be obscure-looking
  • They might be wrongly assembled sometimes

10. Moody Tools JIS Screwdriver

moody tools jis screwdriver

This brings us to the final product – JIS Type S Driver Set. It is completely distinguished from the rest in terms of its field of usage and country of manufacture. And, strength is its added quality.

Unlike the usual JIS screwdrivers, which are applicable for Japanese vehicles, this set is made to be used in electronic instruments like computers and cameras. It is made longer and thinner to reach into narrow passages of the device.

Except that, it is also made in the USA and is the only product from that country on this list. This company has a policy of giving a lifetime warranty for all of its products, so the screwdriver set will be restored when needed. Yeah, yeah, we know too much for just one set.

And lastly, they are made strong with chrome vanadium steel, and the blades are hardened. Blade tips are black finished avoiding the screws from cam-out. The edges are strongly moulded into handles.

So, we think this is the screw you should try out at least once in your lifetime.

What We Liked
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for electronic devices
  • Adapted for narrower passages
  • It is durable
What Need Improvement
  • The shaft can be very little
  • Sometimes it can break after using it too much

How To Use A Screwdriver?

So, after all this hassle, you also deserve to know how to use a screwdriver. After being stuffed with lots of pros and cons, taking a break is necessary. Plus, knowing this would surely help to choose the best one for your job.

So, how to use a screwdriver? To use it, at first, you should create a hole and then fix the screwdriver with the screw. And later on, you just have to start diving in. We have elaborately discussed it in the next section.

So, without further ado, read this guide to clear confusion.

Step 1- Create a small hole:

We must create a small hole where we want to put the end of the screw. The gap keeps the screw firm and straight on the wood.

If this is not done screws, tend to slip, or the wood might break.

Step 2- Fix the screwdriver with the screw:

Then we should start digging in by carefully fixing the screw head with the tip of the screwdriver. Make sure they match.

Then hold the joint with the tips of your pointer and thumb and settle the screw on the hole.

Step 3- Start driving in:

Then start driving by rotating the screwdriver clockwise with gentle pressure until the screw is tightly fastened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a JIS screwdriver?

JIS stands for Japanese Industry Standard. JIS screwdrivers have specific cross points that are different from the heads of other screwdrivers. They are mainly used for Japanese instruments.

What sizes are JIS screwdrivers?

Their sizes vary from 000 to 0 and from 1 to 2. They are designed to both fit Phillips and JIS screw heads.

How many types of screwdrivers are there?

There are 21 different screwdrivers present in the world. Each of them is different through designs in tips and blades.

What’s the difference between Philips and JIS?

They are different through their head styles. Phillips screws have a wider leading angle than JIS screws. Phillips screwdrivers can’t be used in JIS screws but JIS is supposed to match both.

Where are JIS screws used?

They are used for all Japanese instruments from vehicles like motorbikes to electronic devices like cameras.

Wrapping Up

With this, our article is coming to an end. We tried to list out the Best JIS Screwdrivers for your smooth shopping. Their qualities and specialties have been described for your ease.

We hope that you will find the list, the step-by-step guide, and the FAQs helpful. For further queries, why not reach to us. If you like it, don’t forget to recommend your friends.

With that, we’re signing off. Happy Shopping!